What Others Have Said About Jeremiah Burroughs

Dr. Joel R. Beeke, of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, says that “reading Burroughs is always a treat for the spiritually-minded. His writings are expositionally sound and reliable, sane and usable, warm and devotional.” [1]

Dr. Mark Dever, senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC and President of 9Marks ministries, calls Jeremiah Burroughs “one of the most beloved of the 17th century English Puritans”. [2]

Christian blogger Tim Challies refers to one of Burroughs' books as “quite easy to read and a worthy introduction to Puritan writings for those who have never attempted such a book. It does not contain a great deal of antiquated language or many words that have long since passed into history. While it was written centuries ago, the book is as relevant today as it was when it was written.” [3]

Teacher and theologian Dr. RC Sproul says of another of Burroughs’ books that it is “the most comprehensive treatment” of its topic, and that it “reflects the keen insight of Puritan Christianity. It is far too valuable to be ignored.” [4] On the Ligonier website, Sproul lists Burroughs' "Gospel Fear" and "Gospel Worship" as two of the ten books which have influenced him the most.

The late theologian Dr. John Gerstner said of Burroughs, “Christ gives us pearls; Burroughs mounts and strings them”. [5]

The company of those whose lives have been impacted by Jeremiah Burroughs also includes Oliver Cromwell, John Winthrop, Thomas Goodwin, William Bridge, Richard Baxter, Miles Standish, Francis Asbury, and Charles Spurgeon.

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