The Complete Works of Jeremiah Burroughs

(This is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive list of the works of Jeremiah Burroughs)

[Preface to] The Christian's Portion [by Richard Sibbes].

The Excellency of a Gracious Spirit: Delivered in a treatise upon the 14. of Numbers, verse 24
(1638, to the Earl of Warwick and a company of his friends)

The Excellency of Holy Courage in Evil Times
(1661; preached 1638 {?}to the Earl of Warwick and a company of his friends)

The Sea-Mans Direction in Time of Storme. Delivered in a sermon from Psalm xclviii. 8. upon occasion of a strong stormie wind lately happening
(1640; preached 1638 or 1639, to the English Congregational Church in Rotterdam, Holland)

Moses’ Self-Denial. Delivered in a treatise upon Heb. 11, the 24. verse
(1641; preached 1638 or 1639, to the English Congregational Church in Rotterdam, Holland)

Moses’ Choice, with his eye fixed upon heaven: discovering the happy condition of a self-denying heart: Delivered in a treatise upon Heb. xi. 25, 26
(1641; preached 1638 or 1639, to the English Congregational Church in Rotterdam, Holland)

Sion's Joy: A sermon preached from Isai. lxvi. 10. to the Honorable House of Commons assembled in Parliament at their publique thanksgiving, September 7. 1641. for the peace concluded between England and Scotland.
(1641, London, to the House of Commons)

A briefe Answer to Doctor Fernes Booke, tending to resolve Conscience, about the Subjects taking up of Arms
(1642 or 1643)

An Apologetical Narration Humbly Submitted to the Honorable Houses of Parliament [co-author]
(1643, London, to the Houses of Parliament)

An Exposition of the Prophesie of Hosea. Begun in divers lectures upon the first three chapters
(1643, St. Michael’s, Cornhill, London)

The glorious Name of God, The Lord of Hosts. Opened in two sermons at Michael’s Cornhill, London, Vindicating the Commission from the Lord of Hosts, to subjects, in Some Case, to Take Up Arms, from Isai. xlvi
(1643, St. Michael’s Cornhill, London)

Speech in Guild-Hall on . . . the sixth of October, 1643. In, Four Speeches delivered in Guild-Hall, etc.
(1646; preached Oct. 6, 1643, London)

A Copy of a Remonstrance lately delivered in to the Assembly. (co-author)
(1645, London)

The Reasons of the Dissenting Brethren against the Third Proposition concerning Presbyterial Government, etc. (co-author)
(1645, London)

The Difference between the Spots of the Godly, and of the Wicked.
(1668; preached July-August, 1645, St. Giles Cripplegate, London)

Gospel-Worship: or, The Right Manner of Sanctifying the Name of God in generall. And particularly in these three great ordinances, viz. 1. Hearing the Word. 2. Receiving the Lord's Supper. 3. Prayer
(1648; preached 1645–1646, London)

A Sermon preached before the . . . House of Peeres from Phil. iv. 12. in the Abbey at Westminster, the 26. of Novemb. 1645. Being the day appointed for solemne and publique humiliation
(1646; preached Nov. 26, 1645, London, to the House of Peeres)

Irenicum, to the Lovers of Truth and Peace. Heart-divisions opened, in the causes and evils of them: with cautions that we may not be hurt by them, and endeavours to heal them
(1646, London)

A Sermon preached before the Honorable House of Commons Assembled in Parliament, from Mat. v. 6. at their Late Solemne Fast, August 26. 1646 (1646, London, to the House of Commons, London)

A Vindication of Mr Burroughes, against Mr Edwards his foule aspersions in his spreading Gangraena, and his angry Antiapologia. Concluding with a briefe declaration what the Independents would have
(1646, London)

The Eighth Book of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs. Being a Treatise ofthe Evil of Evils, or the Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin
(1654; preached 1646, London)

Gospel-Remission: or; A Treatise shewing, that True Blessedness consists in Pardon of Sin, wherein is diacovered the many gospel mysteries therein contained, glorious effects proceeding from it, great mistakes made about it, true signs and symptoms of it, way and means to obtain it. Being several sermons preached immediately after those of The Evil of Sin
(1668; preached 1646, London)

Gospel-Conversation: wherein is shewed, 1. How the conversation of believers in Christ ought to exceed what could be by the light of nature. 2. Beyond those who lived under the law. 3. And suitable to those truths which the gospel reveals: In seven sermons, preached from Phil. i. 27. in the years 1645, and 1646. And three sermons, from John xviii.36. wherein the nature of Christ's kingdom is explained; and a Gospel-Conversation answerable thereunto is warmly recommended.
(1648, London)

The Misery of those Men who have their Portion in this Life, from Psal. xvii. 14.
(1648, London)

Jacobs Seed: or the Generation of seekers. And Davids Delight, or the Excellent on earth
(1648, London)

The Saints Duty in Times of extremity. Opened in a sermon… occasioned upon the news of extraordinary loss to the Parliaments forces in the west
(1649, London)

Two Treatises . . . The first of earthly mindedness . . . The second treatise of conversing in Heaven, and walking with God
(1649, London)

An Exposition with Practical Observations on the Prophecy of Hosea continued upon the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh chapters of the Prophesy of Hosea. Being first delivered in several lectures
(1650, St. Michael’s Cornhill, London)

An Exposition with Practical Observations on the Prophecy of Hosea continued upon the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth chapters of the Prophesy of Hosea. Being first delivered in several lectures
(1654, St. Michael’s Cornhill, London)

The Saints Treasury; Holding forth, The incomparable excellency and holiness of God.--Christ's All in All--The glorious enjoyment of Heavenly things by Faith.--The Natural Man's bondage to the Law, and the Christian's liberty by the Gospel.--And a preparation for judgment: Being sundry sermons preached in London
(1654, London)

The Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Books of Mr Jeremiah Burroughs: containing three treatises: I. of Precious Faith. II. of Hope. III. The Saints walk by faith on earth; by sight in heaven. Being the last sermons that the author preached at Stepney

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, Wherein in Shown, 1. What Contentment is, 2. The Holy Art or Mystery of it, 3. Several Lessons Christ Teaches to Work the Heart to Contentment, 4. The Excellencies of it, 5. The Evils of Murmuring, 6. The Aggravations of the Sin of Murmuring
(1655, London)

Gospel-Reconciliation: or, Christ's Trumpet of Peace to the World, .Wherein is Shown (besides many other gospel Truths) that there was a breach made between God and man). 2 Cor. v. 18, 19, 20. To which is added two sermons; one from Hos. ii. 14. and another from Prov. xvi. 31
(1657, London)

The Saint’s Inheritance and the Worldling’s Portion Representing the Glorious Condition of a Child of God and the Misery of Having One’s Portion in This World, Unfolding the State of True Happiness with the Marks, Means, and Members Thereof
(1657, London)

Four Books on the Eleventh of Matthew: viz. I. Christ Inviting Sinners to Come to him for Rest. II. Christ the Great Teacher of Souls that Come to him. III. Christ the Humble Teacher of those that Come to him. IV. The only Easy way to Heaven.
(1659, London)

Gospel-Revelation: In three Treatises. 1. The Nature of God. 2. The Excellencies of Christ. 3. The Excellency of Man's Immortal Soul
(1660, London)

The Saints Happinesse; Together with the severall steps leading thereunto: delivered in divers lectures on the Beatitudes, Being the last sermons that ever he preached
(1660, London)

Gospel-Fear: or the Heart trembling at the Word of God, evidenceth a blessed frame of spirit. Delivered in several sermons from Isa. 66:2 and 2 Kings 22:14
(1674, London)

Jerusalems Glory breaking forth into the World, being a scripture-discovery of the New Testament Church in the latter days immediately before the Second Coming of Christ. [Three Sermons]
(1675, London)

Four Useful Discourses. I. The Art of Improving a full and prosperous Condition, for the Glory of God; an Appendix to the art of Contentment, in three sermons from Phil. iv. 12. II. Christian Submission, from I Sam. iii. 18. III. Christ a Christian's Life; and Death his Gain, Phil. i. 21. IV. The Gospel of Peace sent to the Sons of Peace: Six sermons, from Luke x. 5, 6.
(1675, London)

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